Don't be a D**K, think before you click

mindless posting 
Be careful with what you post or else you will be in proverbial hot waters.

Posting on the social media networks has become such an automatic habit that most do not really think before letting it enter the dynamic world of cyberspace. Forgetting a single reaction post could spark a wild fire may lead to reputations being burnt to a crisp.

I know, I know... you're saying... 'but that guy/girl started it and I'm just defending myself.' and I do understand but is it really worth the trouble? Thinking a few seconds before clicking is better that months or years of anguish. 

This anguish starts when one is confronted with a negative or even libelous post about oneself from another. The perceived hurt from that post hits a hot-spot in the process. Left to itself, this hot-spot triggers a series of reactions leading to a blind rage to post almost immediately as a 'retaliation' likened to being slapped on the face, the other slapping back and so it goes back and forth. In the end, there is nothing left but bruised and bloodied cheeks. Left to its own vicious cycle, there is nothing one can do but let it run its ugly course.

How long? Quite long depending on the severity of the triggers. I'm sure at one time or another we experienced this.

The good news is these mindless reactions can be made to be mindful responses. This is done by  ''Clearing the Space'. and this is by following these useful tips:
  1. Acknowledge the negative post - BREATHE! Calm yourself down by breathing and acknowledging the post as something that happened; 
  2. Label the feeling associated with the post - labeling the feeling of either disbelief, anger, disappointment among others help calm the brain down, and; 
  3. Putting it aside - putting that particular  feeling POWERFULLY aside, that is with FULL ATTENTION brings the brain into full focus on an appropriate response.
The above takes a while to be developed into a habit but when it does, you'll be sparing yourself a lot pain.

A fresh example from my own experience is the photo I took above of a comfort room for the disabled. There is an 'out of order' sign posted on the door. Now my initial reaction was to get annoyed.. I have a son living with Down's Syndrome.. For some its no big deal but for me it is.. I immediately took a breath, looked at the sign  acknowledged that I was annoyed, labeled it as such, and placed this feeling powerful in my pocket to focus on what I was doing.

Hope it helps. 

Here are some thoughts from other bloggers during a on the spot interview by Mitch Carson  at the 1st Blog Weekend Bootcamp at the Malagos Garden Resort in Calinan, Davao City, Davao Del Sur, on the topic of 'thinking before clicking' 


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